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Client Testimonials

"Bill has an excellent command of the nuances of complex language and the interrelationships of multiple documents. We respect not only his technical skills but his level-headed thinking that helps us resolve problems and get deals done. He is a key asset to our organization."

“Bill Maston is currently general outside counsel for my company. I have worked closely with Bill for several years on a wide range of projects from bank and equity financing to corporate contracts and commercial leases.  In the course of my career I have worked with many attorneys from both large and small firms, and Bill ranks among the very best.  We find his insights and guidance to be thoughtful and actionable, his documents are excellent from the very first draft, and his response time is the best we have ever seen.  I highly recommend Bill to any small or medium size business.”


“Responsive.  Honest.  Put my interests first.  Met every deadline.  Produced excellent work.  Listens.  Excellent experience.  Feel like I got everything a big firm has to offer from a friend.  I would recommend him to my family, best friends and close business associates and vendors.  Just a great experience working with Bill.”

“I think one of your great sales points is that you are a “big time” corporate lawyer who left to become a sole practitioner so you could provide greater value to your clients without all of the overhead and bureaucracy associated with a large law firm (layers of billing for example).  I think that this sends the right message to both your opponents (don’t take me for granted) and potential clients (great value).  It was your core values that paved the way for making the decision to go it alone – integrity, trust, loyalty, results, service and personal relationships with clients that go both ways.  You are far more than a transactional lawyer – you are a trusted advisor and friend.  Your relationships go deep.  You work best with those who share your values and want a different kind of relationship with their lawyer.”